group classes

Our group classes are high energy, challenging and will push you hard.  There is no hiding and we expect you to work hard to get the most out of every workout. 

Spinning - we consider our classes to be some of the toughest around and pride ourselves on our signature no nonsense style.  Don't expect any dancing on the bike - we give you the numbers and you deliver them.

Fight Club - our own brand of high intensity boxing circuits.  Heavy bags and lots of body weight floor exercises - this class will make you sweat.

HIIT - a mix of strength and conditioning exercises designed to seriously challenge you - expect weights, high intensity intervals and body weight exercises.  Expect to work harder than you thought you could.

buddy personal training

Our small group personal training bridges the gap between one to one personal training and group classes.  You don't even need to find your own buddy, you just book the slot that suits you and we provide the buddies and the workout.  

We take great pride in being able to tailor the session to the needs of each individual, ensuring that you get the coaching you need no matter who else is in the session.  

Ideal if you still want the social element of a group class but need a slightly more focused and individual approach.

one to one personal training

One to one personal training offers you a fully bespoke training programme to meet your specific needs.  Whether you are returning to exercise from injury, training for a specific event or need advice on pre and/or post natal exercise, we can help.   

We start with a detailed assessment of your current fitness levels and lifestyle and work with you to ensure every session is targeted to achieving your fitness and wellbeing goals.